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Romania’s Economy in Graphs: Performance, Risks, Challenges


Romania reached a record economic growth in 2017, one that was mainly based on consumption. The contribution of investment became positive, but investment factor is still low and can affect sustainable economic growth in the medium and long run. The current macroeconomic context is one of contrasts, because record economic growth and high budget deficits are abnormally 

Excise Duty on Fuel: Stop and Go


Tax policy in the area of excise duty on fuel recently opened a series of debates regarding the impact of these excise duties on prices. Probably the most intense barometer is given exactly by drivers’ daily calculations who fuel their car with gasoline or diesel. But the objective barometer regarding prices comes from statistics.

Stability and Predictability for the Business Environment


No matter how ambitious it would be, no government program has the right to be against the essential requirements of stability and predictability that the economy needs.

For example, despite the 5.7% record economic growth registered in the first quarter and the considerable expansion

A Reflection of Ideas: The Elimination of Taxes on Profit


Several years ago I wrote about the perspective of eliminating the profit tax, as a reflection of ideas and counterfactual exercise in relation to the daunting complexity of existing taxation.

But there is a long way from ideas to policymaking. Current tax proposals, because they can not yet be called policies,

Regional Gaps in a European Context: Is Romania Getting Closer to the Euro?


More and more arguments are being introduced, either congruently or interchangeably, into the list of criteria for the adoption of the common currency. Sometimes, preconceived positions make their way through the multitude of invoked counter-arguments. Nominal convergence criteria have been continuously supplemented, sometimes

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