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Total Tax Simplification: The Abolition of Corporate Tax


Today’s fiscal world tends to institutionalise itself, informally, in a reality where many accountants ask the business owners: “Boss, this year what profit do you want us to have?”. This way, the capitalist principle of “profit maximisation” is translated through a permanent, vicious and costly tax ping-pong between businessmen and the state. And this is not because the

The Romanian economy is almost built around the state budget


Fiscal policy does not need to solve only the quantitative and, often, circumstantial problems of the budget, as it happened, unfortunately, until now, but rather to solve structural, profound problems of the economy. At the same time, in my opinion, structural reforms should mean more than professionalizing the management and cleaning the SOEs sector. Consolidating the

Absolute fiscal simplification by eliminating the corporate income tax


For more than 20 years, the tax system perpetuated itself bureaucratically and administratively, its main function being to serve the state budget. Anyway, where and when it was done, tax simplification was only marginal. Rarely were more daring solutions advanced, meant to revive a paralyzed, bureaucratic fiscal system that actually generated economic counter-

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