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In economic policy, policymakers must learn from previous mistakes


surselecresteriiIt is important that policymakers are aware of previous mistakes and responsible when it comes to economic policy. In the economy, resources are limited, and that’s the reason why we can’t afford to have all at once. National fiscal policies, although they benefit from Parliament’s support, are sometimes against the rules of fiscal governance, which were also adopted by the

Ideas are the ones that really run the world


Who runs the world – economics or politics? Both of them, or neither one especially. Both economics and politics have their own facets. We must think about a re-evaluation, from a scientific point of view, of the idea of “politics” as something omnipotent that solves anything and satisfies everybody, without costs and sacrifices. Economists would say that, logically, something like

Where Does the Economy Suffer: the Institutional Quality of the Business Environment


Most of the times, economic performance is associated with a financial-quantitative context, which decadently captures the postmodern moral with respect to capital accumulation and business success: who invests money has success and vice-versa. Rarely this debate comes down coherently to the foundations of economic logic. Because who has time to discern on capital

The Anatomy of the Competitive Advantage: With Mask, Without Mask!


In the economic literature, the logic of competitive advantage still represents the topic of numerous controversies. The most frequent judgements in the area of international trade invoke “the competitive advantages” of one industry or another in order to justify the economic positions of these industries, but especially in order to justify the national policies used to support those

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