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Decrease taxes, increase spending!, doesn’t feel as sound economic policy


In the past years, almost everything related to economics and economic debate was built on tax initiatives. But economic performance does not simply emerge, by itself, only through changes in taxes. It needs structural accumulation, concrete rules and credibility for the well-functioning of markets, competitively and predictability for the business environment,

The Romanian capital is promisingly increasing


Firms with local capital developed promisingly in the past period, but they are waiting for even more positive signs from the state. It is important that the topic of Romanian capital does not become an argument against foreign capital, as the increase of foreign investment supports an even faster accumulation of Romanian capital, especially among SMEs. Romanian entrepreneurship can

Commitment Credits: Long-term Budgetary Trap


The budget for 2017 includes some aspects that were less present in the public debate and expert opinions. These are commitment credits. Unlike all other years, the budget for 2017 comes with a spectacular dynamics of commitment credits, which could at the same time become the main problem of the budgetary situation in the coming years.

Capitalization for Businesses: Non-Taxation of Reinvested Profits


In some scenarios, agriculture and energy would be the strategic sectors that could bring a stronger economic growth in Romania. But, since always, and usually, the constant strategy of economic progress should be the profit, obtaining it, because beyond (strategic) circumstantial computations, the profit – as an economic principle and a state of affairs – is the engine that fuels

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