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The Paradox of Modernity: Anti-capitalists against the System


The economic crisis opened a new trend in political and economic debates, one in which it is ‘cool’ to be “against”: against the market, against capitalism, against the economy. This is a popular form of revolt against the system although, if we take as example ‘Occupy Wall Street’, it is easy to understand how far from their goal are the anti-capitalists who protest against the system.

Klaus Iohannis – The Launch of the Presidential Program – Speech by Cosmin Marinescu


Today, economic policy tends to involve much politics and little, too little, economics. At the same time, the economy is answering politics with more and more distrust. There exists the fear that, when the government gives you something with one hand, it will come, eventually after elections, and take it with both hands. In my opinion, the main problem is still

Book Launch Event: Capitalism. The Logic of Liberty


Capitalism. The Logic of Liberty was not necessarily built on an economic agenda, although the approach may seem, first of all, an economic one. In fact, the capitalism involves a specific type of society, of order… a natural one. We have tried to write about simple things, fundamental institutions, those that we considered as the ones always representing the basis of prosperity and

The Crisis and Capitalism: from Marx to the “Smart Guys” on Wall Street


The recent crisis brought a new trend in economic and political debates, one according to which it is “cool” to be anti-, anti-market, anti-capitalism, anti-economy. Some kind of paradox of modernity, meaning a popular form of anti-system revolt, although if we take into consideration the “Occupy Wall Street” phenomenon, even only as a simple illustration, it is easy to

Crisis Journal: Capitalism Assumed Guilty


In this “journal” I do not necessarily focus on the current economic crisis. I do not aim to portray the statist conditions that maintain economic cycles, with all the theoretical details that explain the causes of the crisis. There have already been written and there will be written such stories, more or less technical, in the anatomy of the crisis. Here and now I am preoccupied to draw

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