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Decrease taxes, increase spending!, doesn’t feel as sound economic policy


In the past years, almost everything related to economics and economic debate was built on tax initiatives. But economic performance does not simply emerge, by itself, only through changes in taxes. It needs structural accumulation, concrete rules and credibility for the well-functioning of markets, competitively and predictability for the business environment,

Total Tax Simplification: The Abolition of Corporate Tax


Today’s fiscal world tends to institutionalise itself, informally, in a reality where many accountants ask the business owners: “Boss, this year what profit do you want us to have?”. This way, the capitalist principle of “profit maximisation” is translated through a permanent, vicious and costly tax ping-pong between businessmen and the state. And this is not because the

The Romanian capital is promisingly increasing


Firms with local capital developed promisingly in the past period, but they are waiting for even more positive signs from the state. It is important that the topic of Romanian capital does not become an argument against foreign capital, as the increase of foreign investment supports an even faster accumulation of Romanian capital, especially among SMEs. Romanian entrepreneurship can

Where Does the Economy Suffer: the Institutional Quality of the Business Environment


Most of the times, economic performance is associated with a financial-quantitative context, which decadently captures the postmodern moral with respect to capital accumulation and business success: who invests money has success and vice-versa. Rarely this debate comes down coherently to the foundations of economic logic. Because who has time to discern on capital

The reduction of Social Security Contributions would be a breath of fresh air for the economy


In Romania, salaries are low, while costs related to labor force are high. This is the paradox of a fiscal burden overwhelming for the labor market. That is how we can explain the anemic appetence of entrepreneurs for job creation, and for employing workers ‘formally’, without resorting to the – sometimes saving – solution of employing workers on the black market. This is why the

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