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Euro is Dead, Long Live the Euro! On the Euro-economic Salvation of the EU


breaking-up-is-hard-to-do-but-investors-can-cushion-themselves-against-a-euro-collapse-285x280The crisis has revealed the vicious circle that the euro would have faced anyway, sometimes in the future. The reasons why some are condemning the euro are, in fact, the reasons why it should be saved. But saving the euro at all costs – “whatever it takes”, in the terms of Mario Draghi – would actually mean the failure of the common currency. If the euro won’t succeed in imposing the

The Romanian economy is almost built around the state budget


Fiscal policy does not need to solve only the quantitative and, often, circumstantial problems of the budget, as it happened, unfortunately, until now, but rather to solve structural, profound problems of the economy. At the same time, in my opinion, structural reforms should mean more than professionalizing the management and cleaning the SOEs sector. Consolidating the

The Romanian capital is promisingly increasing


Firms with local capital developed promisingly in the past period, but they are waiting for even more positive signs from the state. It is important that the topic of Romanian capital does not become an argument against foreign capital, as the increase of foreign investment supports an even faster accumulation of Romanian capital, especially among SMEs. Romanian entrepreneurship can

The Crisis and the State: from European Realities to Institutional Imperatives


Anchored, by definition, in the logic of budget balance, the Victorian fiscal morality became today, in contemporary democracy, worthy to be displayed in the museums of economic history. Nowadays, the Keynesian doctrine – in its original version or in its reloaded post-crisis version – established a true status quo of budgetary deficits and public debts. Overwhelmed by the

Structural Reforms and Property: Back to the Origins


We should admit that, even if it is a European state through institutional adoption, nowadays Romania does not truly demonstrate that it made the decisive step towards the principles of a market economy, which would bring Romanians the so-longed good life and prosperity. Currently, the Romanian economy is almost entirely built through and around the state