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Klaus Iohannis – The Launch of the Presidential Program – Speech by Cosmin Marinescu


Today, economic policy tends to involve much politics and little, too little, economics. At the same time, the economy is answering politics with more and more distrust. There exists the fear that, when the government gives you something with one hand, it will come, eventually after elections, and take it with both hands. In my opinion, the main problem is still

Book Launch Event: Capitalism. The Logic of Liberty


Capitalism. The Logic of Liberty was not necessarily built on an economic agenda, although the approach may seem, first of all, an economic one. In fact, the capitalism involves a specific type of society, of order… a natural one. We have tried to write about simple things, fundamental institutions, those that we considered as the ones always representing the basis of prosperity and

Fiscal and Budgetary Responsibility in the Debate about the Fiscal Code


It goes without saying that Romania needs lower taxation, but the proper sequencing is very important, in order not to create vulnerability in the fiscal and budgetary framework. The VAT reduction measure is, of course, desirable. The problem is putting this measure in the same basket with the other ones, and all at once. This all-inclusive approach destroys its own

The Scientific Conference of Romanian Economists from Abroad


Ideas are those that can improve or, on the contrary, destroy the world we live in, especially from a social, political and economic point of view. This is why, mainly in the current economic context, characterised by so many contradictions and errors, the economist’s duty of conscience is to look at things in depth and in perspective, to defend good ideas and fight against incorrect ones,

The Chamber of Commerce and Economic Diplomacy


For Romania it is essential to consolidate its economic competitiveness. Currently, Romanian exports totalize more than 40% of GDP, which means that we are around the European average, but the growth rate of exports has halved, while imports are now growing at an accelerate rate, double than the one for exports. In the same context, Romanian capital is present in only 4

Cosmin Marinescu