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The government does not need to do only what it is allowed by the fiscal framework, but it must adapt this framework in order to do what the economy needs


Economic liberalism is implemented not only through writing, but also through putting the economic logic into the equation of political decisions, and this does not necessarily or explicitly mean political action. But, in this equation, it is important how much of it is economic policy, and how much is politics about the economy and, sometimes, thanks to the economy. There exists a certain type

The Romanian capital is promisingly increasing


Firms with local capital developed promisingly in the past period, but they are waiting for even more positive signs from the state. It is important that the topic of Romanian capital does not become an argument against foreign capital, as the increase of foreign investment supports an even faster accumulation of Romanian capital, especially among SMEs. Romanian entrepreneurship can

This Fiscal Code annihilates from the beginning its chances of success


It is very important to understand that liberalism does not focus only on tax reduction, but also on the way in which this reduction is made. Tax reduction is needed, but sustainability is very important, through its long-term budgetary and economic implications. I doubt that every initiative to reduce taxes should be labeled as a liberal approach. If I reduce taxes tomorrow, only to

Applying the Fiscal Code could violate exactly the Fiscal Code


Tax reduction is needed, it needs to be done, but not like this, through an “all at once” approach, because nothing in the economy, not even capital accumulation, job creation and prosperity, in general, happens over night. Businessmen want, of course, almost in every situation, lower taxes. The same as politicians want, of course, almost in every situation, more votes.

If the reduction of Social Security Contributions can be done without IMF’s approval, then we have missed this chance since 2013


In economics, “later” means missed chances. The reduction of Social Security Contribution is discussed since one year and a half, and when it finally happens, it might not generate the interest and confidence that entrepreneurs needed. On the other hand, the announcement that social security contributions will be reduced comes in a special context, where it is clear that it does not benefit

Cosmin Marinescu