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Euro is Dead, Long Live the Euro! On the Euro-economic Salvation of the EU


breaking-up-is-hard-to-do-but-investors-can-cushion-themselves-against-a-euro-collapse-285x280The crisis has revealed the vicious circle that the euro would have faced anyway, sometimes in the future. The reasons why some are condemning the euro are, in fact, the reasons why it should be saved. But saving the euro at all costs – “whatever it takes”, in the terms of Mario Draghi – would actually mean the failure of the common currency. If the euro won’t succeed in imposing the

Ideas are the ones that really run the world


Who runs the world – economics or politics? Both of them, or neither one especially. Both economics and politics have their own facets. We must think about a re-evaluation, from a scientific point of view, of the idea of “politics” as something omnipotent that solves anything and satisfies everybody, without costs and sacrifices. Economists would say that, logically, something like

Regional Gaps in a European Context: Is Romania Getting Closer to the Euro?


More and more arguments are being introduced, either congruently or interchangeably, into the list of criteria for the adoption of the common currency. Sometimes, preconceived positions make their way through the multitude of invoked counter-arguments. Nominal convergence criteria have been continuously supplemented, sometimes

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