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Regional Gaps in a European Context: Is Romania Getting Closer to the Euro?


More and more arguments are being introduced, either congruently or interchangeably, into the list of criteria for the adoption of the common currency. Sometimes, preconceived positions make their way through the multitude of invoked counter-arguments. Nominal convergence criteria have been continuously supplemented, sometimes just in the vortex of the scientific debate, although the euro project transcends the (calculated) scientific framework, regardless of the degree of quantitative sophistication.

I did not intend to develop here and now a comprehensive analysis. Some of the arguments put forward already benefit from the necessary attention, despite some inadequacies in relation to the scientific criteria. Others would really merit the honest concern of the researcher, but without letting the numbers alter the stake of the visionary construction.

This text is devoted to inter-regional development gaps, often presented as real obstacles to the enlargement of the euro area to the south-east of the EU. In this respect, I considered that the dynamic image of the gaps between the regions of the EU countries is important, even if the outcome, whatever it may be, can not be decisive or edifying for the institutional path of the euro area.

In this respect, I highlighted the internal development gaps, the inter-regional ones, and I illustrated the dynamics of these gaps in the last decade and a half, which in fact incorporates the entire history of the common currency.

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Caliman I.Eugen - analist independent dezvoltare economica
Caliman I.Eugen - analist independent dezvoltare economica

Convergenta reala, inter-tari este cea care da ritmul marsului economic spre Euro.PIB-ul national sau pe locuitor a devenit lipsit de relevanta analitica asupra parcursului Romaniei spre moneda comuna, deoarece mascheaza dezindustrializarea datorata disparitiei investitorilor straini industriali dupa 2008.Acesta este in genere pacatul statisticii din tarile inapoiate economic si industrial din UE.Adaugarea la PIB a rezultatatelor intreprinderilor straine si mai ales a celor comerciale (supermarketurilor) straine, ascund consumatorismul si lipsa unei cresteri sanatoase industriale, care sa ne apropie de nivelul de trai din tarile dezvoltate.In lipsa unui proiect de reindustrializare a tarii, in baza caruia sa poata fi evaluata cresterea produsului national brut, orice analize si viziune temporala asupra adoptarii monedei Euro, ramin axercitii teoretice.

Cosmin Marinescu