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In economic policy, policymakers must learn from previous mistakes


surselecresteriiIt is important that policymakers are aware of previous mistakes and responsible when it comes to economic policy. In the economy, resources are limited, and that’s the reason why we can’t afford to have all at once. National fiscal policies, although they benefit from Parliament’s support, are sometimes against the rules of fiscal governance, which were also adopted by the

The Romanian economy is almost built around the state budget


Fiscal policy does not need to solve only the quantitative and, often, circumstantial problems of the budget, as it happened, unfortunately, until now, but rather to solve structural, profound problems of the economy. At the same time, in my opinion, structural reforms should mean more than professionalizing the management and cleaning the SOEs sector. Consolidating the

The Romanian capital is promisingly increasing


Firms with local capital developed promisingly in the past period, but they are waiting for even more positive signs from the state. It is important that the topic of Romanian capital does not become an argument against foreign capital, as the increase of foreign investment supports an even faster accumulation of Romanian capital, especially among SMEs. Romanian entrepreneurship can

Regional Gaps in a European Context: Is Romania Getting Closer to the Euro?


More and more arguments are being introduced, either congruently or interchangeably, into the list of criteria for the adoption of the common currency. Sometimes, preconceived positions make their way through the multitude of invoked counter-arguments. Nominal convergence criteria have been continuously supplemented, sometimes

Klaus Iohannis – The Launch of the Presidential Program – Speech by Cosmin Marinescu


Today, economic policy tends to involve much politics and little, too little, economics. At the same time, the economy is answering politics with more and more distrust. There exists the fear that, when the government gives you something with one hand, it will come, eventually after elections, and take it with both hands. In my opinion, the main problem is still

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