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“The Recent Economist”: Between Scientific Relativism and the Recourse to Ethics


In society’s evolution, ideas are the essential ferments of any change. There are no implacable laws of history and the future is not written in the stars or, to the “delight” of (macro) contemporary supporters of quantitative approaches, in the cyber-economic models that became the sterile fashion of economics journals – where exactly ‘economics’ is the endangered scientific

The government does not need to do only what it is allowed by the fiscal framework, but it must adapt this framework in order to do what the economy needs


Economic liberalism is implemented not only through writing, but also through putting the economic logic into the equation of political decisions, and this does not necessarily or explicitly mean political action. But, in this equation, it is important how much of it is economic policy, and how much is politics about the economy and, sometimes, thanks to the economy. There exists a certain type

The Paradox of Modernity: Anti-capitalists against the System


The economic crisis opened a new trend in political and economic debates, one in which it is ‘cool’ to be “against”: against the market, against capitalism, against the economy. This is a popular form of revolt against the system although, if we take as example ‘Occupy Wall Street’, it is easy to understand how far from their goal are the anti-capitalists who protest against the system.

What We Did Not Understand from Recession: Time Matters!


During all these years (seems like forever), the recession was described as being a catastrophe, almost like the war. A scourge of the economy that becomes ruinous, especially for the contemporary civilization. However, to clarify this, the recession is not the cause, but only the effect. The recession does not reflect anything else but previous deviations of the economy from its

Economic Calculation Reloaded: “the Economy” of the Public Sector


fotolia_36692129_xs_0The argument of the economic calculation does not magically vanish once we leave the institutional realm of socialism, I’d say on the contrary. In every economy considered nowadays, with frequent excesses of vocabulary generosity, a “free market” economy, there exist many instances in which the resource allocation faces totally different exigencies from those specific to

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