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“The Recent Economist”: Between Scientific Relativism and the Recourse to Ethics


In society’s evolution, ideas are the essential ferments of any change. There are no implacable laws of history and the future is not written in the stars or, to the “delight” of (macro) contemporary supporters of quantitative approaches, in the cyber-economic models that became the sterile fashion of economics journals – where exactly ‘economics’ is the endangered scientific

Consumption or Production? That Is the (Economic) Question


Happily, in economics one can’t have Hamletian dilemmas, as they are either inconsistent with respect to economic logic, or completely unproductive beyond it. When it comes to economic policies, in those rare cases where these policies are not redistributive, there exist two options, according to the way in which the government chooses to support economic recovery: by

The Paradox of Modernity: Anti-capitalists against the System


The economic crisis opened a new trend in political and economic debates, one in which it is ‘cool’ to be “against”: against the market, against capitalism, against the economy. This is a popular form of revolt against the system although, if we take as example ‘Occupy Wall Street’, it is easy to understand how far from their goal are the anti-capitalists who protest against the system.

Education, Between School Bureaucracy and Freedom of Choice


I saw teenagers who, maybe without knowing anything about the principles of freedom, support the idea of free education through the slogan on their T-shirts: “Don’t let the school ruin your education”. But, nowadays, school is an exclusive prerogative of the state, hence the reformist logic of the slogan. “Education on the street”, which today can be found on all television screens,

Crisis Journal: Capitalism Assumed Guilty


In this “journal” I do not necessarily focus on the current economic crisis. I do not aim to portray the statist conditions that maintain economic cycles, with all the theoretical details that explain the causes of the crisis. There have already been written and there will be written such stories, more or less technical, in the anatomy of the crisis. Here and now I am preoccupied to draw

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