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Education, Between School Bureaucracy and Freedom of Choice


I saw teenagers who, maybe without knowing anything about the principles of freedom, support the idea of free education through the slogan on their T-shirts: “Don’t let the school ruin your education”. But, nowadays, school is an exclusive prerogative of the state, hence the reformist logic of the slogan. “Education on the street”, which today can be found on all television screens, illustrates the failure of the model currently followed by the Romanian school, namely state centralism in education. Directing more money from the state budget cannot solve the education problem. More doesn’t mean better, not even when it comes to education budgets. In education, it is not the money that is missing, but the market where they should circulate through business incentives, competition between schools and moral responsibility.

Currently, almost all the educational systems are dominated and structured by rules reflecting the will of government bodies – the ones who finance and manage formal education, which was this way transformed into state education. In fact, the history of public power involvement in education, both in totalitarian political systems as well as in Western democracies, shows that, over time, the public school was, in the hands of political power, just an instrument used to impose certain ideological values to others.

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