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2017 State Budget: Between Forecasts and Adjustments


It is essential that Romania’s budget for 2017 is a solid, credible one, which is why the budget construction must be realistic, validated by the dynamics of economic evolutions that we witness in reality. We must recognize, however, that the economy and the budget have been affected by many fiscal-budgetary measures in a short period of time,

Budget Execution: Same Old, Same Old


Exactly in these political days it was discovered that the budget execution exploded in December, as if to convince us that “fattening in the last minute” also applies to the consolidated general budget. We insisted on this budget pattern in November 2016, when the Government of Romania launched the OECD Report “Public Governance Scan of Romania”. The end of 2016 budget execution confirmed once again that December is the hot month of public spending, the month when the deficit explodes.

Cosmin Marinescu